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Fat Freezing Specialist

Smooth Body Contours

Aesthetic Medical Spa & Body Contouring Specialist located in Orlando, FL, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Sandy Springs, GA, & Wellesley, MA.

No matter how hard you work, sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough to get rid of fat from specific areas of your body. But that doesn’t mean you're stuck with a muffin top or saddlebags forever. Smooth Body Contours in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Sandy Springs, GA and Wellesley, MA can get rid of stubborn pockets of fat for good and without downtime with fat freezing. To learn more about fat freezing and how it can help you reach your body goals, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Fat Freezing Q & A

What is fat freezing?

Fat freezing is one of the innovative noninvasive body contouring treatments available at Smooth Body Contours. Scientifically known as cryolipolysis, fat freezing is a body contouring method that uses targeted cooling to freeze and destroy unwanted fat cells without damaging any of the surrounding tissue or cells.

Once destroyed, your body removes the fat from the area, leaving behind a smoother, slimmer, and more perfect figure. Smooth Body Contours uses fat freezing to treat many areas of the body, including:


  • Abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Arms


You can lose up to 25% of unwanted fat cells from the treated area after one session. 

Am I a candidate for fat freezing?

Fat freezing is an innovative body contouring tool that can help you get rid of unwanted body fat. However, it’s not a weight loss procedure. To be a candidate for fat freezing at Smooth Body Contours, you must be at or close to your desired body weight.

Ideally, you should also be following a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, which can help you maintain your results. 

Smooth Body Contours offers many body contouring treatments. If you’re not a candidate for fat freezing, they can talk to you about your other body contouring options, such as liposuction or fat-dissolving injections

What can I expect during fat freezing?

Your provider at Smooth Body Contours creates a personalized fat freezing treatment plan that best meets your goals and needs. They review your plan with you at your consultation, so you know what to expect.

Fat freezing is an in-office treatment that typically takes about 35 minutes per treatment area. During a session, your provider places the fat freezing device over the area of the body undergoing treatment while you relax in the exam chair.

After fat freezing, you go back to your usual routine. 

How long does it take to get results from fat freezing?

Fat freezing provides permanent results, but it takes some time for your body to remove the frozen fat cells. You should start to notice an improvement in your body shape a few weeks after your session with continued improvements over the following six months.

Depending on your body goals, you may benefit from a series of fat freezing sessions.

When diet and exercise aren’t getting rid of your stubborn pockets of fat, it’s time to consider fat freezing at Smooth Body Contours. Call or book an appointment online today.