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Your lymphatic system helps rid your body of toxins and waste. However, a blockage in this vital system may slow down the natural elimination process, affecting health and appearance. To improve your body’s natural waste removal process, Smooth Body Contours in Orlando, Florida, and Sandy Springs, Georgia offers drainage massage. Call the office or schedule your drainage massage online today.

Drainage Massage Q&A

What is the lymphatic system?

Part of your immune system, your lymphatic system is a network of organs, vessels, and tissues that maintains fluid balance and protects your body from foreign invaders.

In addition to delivering nutrients to your body’s organs, tissues, and cells, your circulatory system also removes all the waste, toxins, and excessive fluid from these body parts. 

Your lymphatic system processes this fluid, known as lymph fluid, removing all the harmful substances and excess fluid, and then returns what’s left back to your bloodstream.

What is a drainage massage?

Though your body is an amazing machine, your lymphatic system may develop blockages that disrupt the flow of lymph fluid and the removal of toxins and waste. These blockages may cause fluid retention and illness.

A drainage massage at Smooth Body Contours aims to unblock these areas of your body and assist in the natural circulation of your lymphatic system and improve the elimination of metabolic waste, excess fluid, and bacteria from the body. 

Who benefits from a drainage massage?

Almost anyone benefits from a drainage massage. Smooth Body Contours recommends this therapeutic treatment as part of some of its body contouring treatments, such as laser liposuction, to speed up the removal of the damaged fat cells.

People with the following medical conditions may also benefit from a drainage massage:


  • Lymphedema
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Digestive disorders
  • Swelling or edema


Smooth Body Contours also recommends a drainage massage after a tummy tuck to help prevent scars and fibrosis. 

Smooth Body Contours conducts comprehensive evaluations when you come in for a consultation to determine the treatments and therapies that best meet your needs. 

What can I expect during a drainage massage?

Your drainage massage is a relaxing and therapeutic treatment at Smooth Body Contours. During the hands-on therapy, your provider gently massages your skin to improve circulation and work out any blockages in the flow of fluid through your lymphatic system. 

Following drainage massage, your provider recommends you drink two to four glasses of water to improve the removal of metabolic waste and toxins.

To get the best results, Smooth Body Contours recommends a series of 10 drainage massage sessions. 

Call Smooth Body Contours, or schedule your drainage massage through the online booking button today.