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How Long Does It Take to Enhance My Buttocks?

How Long Does It Take to Enhance My Buttocks?

For many of today’s women, the desired body shape points toward a curvier frame and fuller buttocks. At the same time, noninvasive body contouring solutions are more in demand than ever before. 

If you like the idea of being able to enhance your buttocks — but you’re not interested in undergoing a more invasive cosmetic procedure like the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) — our skilled team of body contouring experts can help. 

At Smooth Body Contours, we offer noninvasive buttocks enhancement treatments using vacuum therapy, a holistic, pain-free body shaping technique that can help you get firmer skin and a larger, rounder-looking bottom without surgery or downtime. 

Here, our body contouring specialists explain how noninvasive buttocks enhancement works, and offer a typical timeline of when you can expect to see optimal results. 

Noninvasive buttocks enhancement

Vacuum therapy is a nonsurgical, completely noninvasive body contouring method that uses painless mechanical suction and massage to lift and firm the skin tissues over your buttocks.  

Also known as vacuotherapy or depressomassage, this innovative treatment has its origins in cupping therapy — a “reverse massage” Chinese medicine technique that uses suction rather than pressure to relax muscles, stimulate healing, and relieve pain. 

When applied to the buttocks, vacuum therapy offers deep massaging effects that gives the appearance of enhanced gluteal toning and shape by:

Like many other noninvasive body contouring procedures, vacuum therapy provides gradually improving, cumulative results over a series of treatment sessions. 

What’s a vacuum therapy session like? 

During your vacuum therapy session, you lie comfortably in a prone position. We position one large suction cup on each butt cheek, switch on the specialized suction machine, and adjust it to a level that feels comfortable to you. 

The clear suction cups allow us to monitor how your skin is responding to the treatment throughout your session, which lasts for about 40 minutes. Although there are no special aftercare instructions, we encourage you to drink plenty of water to facilitate improved lymphatic flow and toxin flushing.

Likewise, there’s no post-treatment downtime after vacuum therapy. If you experience any minor soreness or discomfort, however, it can be helpful to rest and avoid exercise for the rest of the day.  

Multiple sessions for optimal results 

At Smooth Body Contours, noninvasive buttocks enhancement is completed over the course of 10 treatment sessions to help you attain optimal shaping, lifting, and firming results. 

You have one or two 40-minute sessions per week until you complete the 10-session plan, after which you may opt to have monthly sessions to maintain your results in the long term. 

Depending on how many sessions you opt to have each week, it can take anywhere from 5-10 weeks to attain the butt-shaping results you’re after. 

If squats, lunges, and step-ups aren’t giving you the shapely booty you want, we can help. Call Smooth Body Contours today, or click online to book a consultation anytime. We have office locations in Sandy Springs, Georgia; Orlando, Florida; and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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