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All About the Nonsurgical Brazilian Butt Lift with Sculptra®

All About the Nonsurgical Brazilian Butt Lift with Sculptra®

A bi-weekly round of lunges, squats, bridges, and step-ups can help you build your buttocks, but glute-sculpting exercises may not go far enough in helping you get the fuller, shapelier backside you’ve always wanted. Luckily, there are more ways than ever before to enhance your buttocks and attain the physique you’re after.

Building on the popularity and success of Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery, noninvasive and minimally invasive buttocks enhancement procedures use innovative techniques like vacuum therapy and Sculptra® injections to turn the volume up on your own efforts and help you get firmer skin and a larger, rounder-looking derrière — without surgery or downtime.

Here, our experienced aesthetic medicine experts at Smooth Body Contours explore the ins and outs of a nonsurgical BBL with Sculptra, including what you can expect along the way.

What is a nonsurgical BBL?

Traditional BBL surgery is performed through a combination of liposuction and fat transferal: After gently suctioning out an area of unwanted fat, we process the adipose cells and inject them back into your buttocks to enhance your natural curves. 

By comparison, a nonsurgical BBL procedure uses Sculptra injections to help you attain a fuller, rounder, and smoother backside silhouette. Sculptra is a long-lasting, collagen-building dermal filler that plumps your shape from the inside out. It delivers immediate results that continue to improve as the collagen remodeling process unfolds over time.

How does Sculptra work?

Healthy skin is built on an underlying scaffold of strong and resilient skin proteins. The most important and abundant protein in your deepest dermal layers — the one that gives your skin tissue its natural tensile strength, youthful plumpness, and inherent elasticity — is collagen.

Sculptra is an FDA-approved dermal filler that contains a powerful collagen stimulator called poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). As your deepest dermal tissue layers slowly absorb PLLA, the biocompatible material steadily releases its microparticles, prompting your skin cells to ramp up their collagen production. 

In other words, Sculptra harnesses your skin’s very own anti-aging mechanism — its collagen production potential — and gives it a major, long-lasting boost. In the case of a nonsurgical “liquid” butt lift, Sculptra works with your body to actively restore your skin’s inner structure and volume exactly where it’s applied: your derrière.

Your nonsurgical BBL session

We begin with a consultation to ensure the Sculptra BBL is the best solution for your aesthetic concerns: A nonsurgical butt lift is ideal for restoring a rounded, feminine bottom that’s been flattened by aging, pregnancy, or significant weight loss; it’s also a good choice if you’d like to subtly fill out natural assets that have never been very plump or curvy. 

We begin your Sculptra BBL session by applying a topical numbing agent to your skin. As you lie comfortably on your stomach, we inject the collagen-boosting filler into the predetermined points that best enhance your figure. Finally, we gently feather the filler throughout the area to help it disperse and activate more quickly.

With just a few tiny, well-placed injections, Sculptra gets to work immediately. Natural-looking, beautifully subtle results are noticeable within two weeks of treatment, with improving results for several months as your skin’s collagen remodeling process kicks into high gear. 

Most people need two to three Sculptra BBL treatments, with each session space about six weeks apart, to attain optimal buttocks enhancement results. 

Gorgeous, long-lasting results

Following your final nonsurgical BBL session, Sculptra continues stimulating your skin’s deep collagen response for many months, leaving you with a fuller, firmer, smoother bottom for up to two years. With almost no downtime and near-immediate results that improve and endure, it’s easy to say yes to our Sculptra liquid butt lift. 

To find out how this highly effective collagen stimulator can give you a rounder derrière that lasts for years to come, call or click online to schedule a consultation at your nearest Smooth Body Contours office in Sandy Springs, Georgia, or Orlando or Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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