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5 Popular Perks of Buttocks Enhancement Therapy

5 Popular Perks of Buttocks Enhancement Therapy

Your dedicated routine of squats, lunges, and step-ups just hasn’t given you the shapely booty you’re after. While you like the idea of what a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) can do for your backside, you’re just not interested in undergoing an invasive cosmetic procedure. 

Our seasoned team of body sculpting experts can help. 

With four offices in Sandy Springs, Georgia, Orlando, Florida, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Wellesley, Massachusetts, Smooth Body Contours offers a full scope of body shaping solutions, including nonsurgical buttocks enhancement therapy.   

Here, we discuss the five most-loved perks of this popular butt-boosting treatment.  

1. Zero incisions and completely noninvasive 

Buttocks enhancement is a noninvasive posterior augmentation “vacuum therapy” technique that uses gentle mechanical suction and massage to painlessly firm your skin tissues and give your bottom a major lift — without surgical incisions. 

Also known as vacuotherapy or depressomassage, this novel aesthetic treatment has its origins in cupping therapy — a “reverse massage” method of traditional Chinese medicine that eases muscle tension and fosters healing through suction, rather than pressure.  

During your 40-minute buttocks enhancement session, we place clear, fitted suction cups over each butt cheek. Then, we switch on the specialized machine, adjusting its suction power to a level that feels comfortable to you. The clear cups allow us to monitor your skin response from start to finish. It’s that simple.

2. Naturally gorgeous shape-enhancing results 

When applied to your derrière, vacuum therapy generates deep massaging effects that — over the course of several sessions — give your buttocks the all-natural look and feel of enhanced gluteal tone and shape. It achieves these gorgeous, butt-rounding results via:

The result? You attain a larger, rounder bottom and firmer skin without the aid of dermal fillers, fat transfers, or plastic surgery. Even better, your new shape is a natural extension of your own shape — your unique booty profile, only better and more contoured.  

3. It minimizes the appearance of cellulite, too 

By boosting skin elasticity and firmness, stimulating deep dermal toning, and fostering the release of tight connective tissues, buttocks enhancement therapy offers the much-loved added benefit of minimizing the appearance of cellulite as it maximizes the size and shape of your bottom.  

 So, not only will you gain a rounder, firmer bottom over the course of your treatment plan; you’ll also see substantial skin-smoothing effects that reduce localized cellulite puckering and dimpling with lasting results. 

4. Mild potential side effects, zero downtime

As with most massage techniques, buttocks enhancement carries a very low risk of potential side effects. Those that may occur — mainly muscle soreness and skin redness — tend to be mild and brief. We encourage you to drink plenty of water after your session, and if you’re sore, to avoid strenuous exercise for the remainder of the day. 

Other than that, vacuum therapy comes with no special aftercare instructions — and zero post-treatment downtime. You can get back to your usual routine straight from our office.   

5. Your enhanced backside is easy to maintain

To attain optimal shaping, lifting, and firming results for your backside, we recommend an initial series of 10 buttocks enhancement sessions, completed over the course of 5-10 weeks. This means having one or two 40-minute vacuum therapy sessions per week until you’ve completed all 10 buttocks enhancement treatments.    

What does it take to maintain your new, shapely derrière long term? Just a single 40-minute vacuum therapy session each month. It’s that simple!  

To learn more about buttocks enhancement therapy, call Smooth Body Contours today, or click online to schedule a visit at your nearest office in Orlando or Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Sandy Springs, Georgia; or Wellesley, Massachusetts, at your convenience.

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