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5 Popular Benefits of Noninvasive Liposuction

5 Popular Benefits of Noninvasive Liposuction

When it comes to managing your weight and keeping your body strong, fit, and healthy, nothing beats nutritious eating patterns and regular physical activity. But if you’re like many people, you may find that diet and exercise don’t necessarily help you attain the body shape you want.    

If you have unwanted areas of persistent fat that you’d like to painlessly sculpt away without having to undergo major cosmetic surgery, our team at Smooth Body Contours can help. 

From four office locations in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Sandy Springs, Georgia, and Wellesley, Massachusetts, we offer noninvasive laser liposuction — an advanced alternative to conventional liposuction that makes it possible to “spot reduce” stubborn pockets of fat safely, effectively, and without surgery. Let’s explore five of its most popular benefits. 

1. Safe, easy, and painless

Laser liposuction, also known as laser lipolysis, uses an FDA-approved laser device to deliver targeted beams of warming laser energy directly into the adipose cells that make up unwanted pockets of stubborn fat. 

When we pass the laser liposuction applicator over the treatment area, its painless energy waves go through your skin tissues and penetrate your fat cells, where it quickly increases their internal temperature until they become damaged and destabilized. Because damaged fat cells can no longer store extra calories, your lymphatic system treats them as a waste product. 

2. Effective and permanent

When you lose weight through diet and exercise, the affected fat cells simply shrink in response to your efforts. They’re still there, ready and waiting to store extra calories in the future. 

With laser liposuction, however, the targeted fat cells are destabilized beyond repair and then effectively “swept away” through your body’s natural cleansing processes. Basically, when your lymphatic system recognizes that these damaged fat cells are no longer viable, it handles them like any other waste product and permanently flushes them from your body.  

While this doesn’t mean that the treated area is immune to future weight gain, it does mean that you should have no trouble maintaining your new body shape if you continue to eat well and exercise.

3. Versatile “spot reduction” 

Genetics, gender, and age all have a powerful influence where your body chooses to store fat. When it comes to getting the body shape you want, the biggest disadvantage of weight loss through diet and exercise is that you can’t choose which pockets of fat your body sheds. 

In the past, surgical liposuction was the only way to “spot reduce” specific areas of unwanted fat. Today, noninvasive laser liposuction allows you to tighten and shape your body as desired, but without incisions. It can help you slim, tighten, or redefine your:

Whatever your personal body-shaping goals happen to be, laser liposuction gives you an easy way to reach those goals and attain your ideal figure — nothing more, nothing less.    

4. Gradual, natural results 

Most people need a series of laser liposuction treatments to attain optimal results; we can help you determine how many sessions you need to reach your specific body-shaping goals. 

In the weeks after each laser lipo session, as the internal cleansing process naturally unfolds, you’ll be left with an increasingly slimmer figure and a more contoured shape. We always pair laser liposuction with post-procedure drainage massage to help enhance this natural waste removal process and accelerate your contouring results. 

5. Zero incisions or downtime

Laser liposuction is noninvasive, meaning it comes with zero incisions and zero downtime. It’s so gentle, in fact, that many people come in first thing in the morning or over their lunch hour, and head right back to their busy day as soon as they’re done. 

Ready to reveal your best body? We can help. Give us a call today, or click online to schedule a consultation at your nearest Smooth Body Contours office anytime. We have four locations in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Sandy Springs, Georgia, and Wellesley, Massachusetts.  

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